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Three tips to enhance your planning
Posted 17 June 12:48
1) If you are importing data from Excel, and you want to add references like "Company" but you do not want to create them, then you can just define their names in the file and choose "Auto create" in the field mapping for that particular reference. The reference should be created automatically using the field as a name (and id).

2) There is a message log that stores the logging that has occurred within this specific instance of the application. You can look at them by clicking the log messages icon to the left of "License viewer" in the bottom of the main form.

3) The column chooser allows for using regular expressions in the search. We mapped the expression .* (dot star) to being only * (star) but you can use normal regular expression. You can use this for cool searches like (mai*id$) for finding all the key-fields in projects.


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